Waiting to Fail

Album: Full Speed Towards the Wall (2010)

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Song: Suicide(In Ultra-slow Motion)

Bitrate: 128kbps

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An expirmental/Noise/Metal/Electronic two-man project started in the late part of the Winter of 2010. And it is intended to be a vehicle for self-hate, Misanthropy, sarcasm, doubt, depression, substance abuse, alienation and other generally dark, evil and out right fucked up things.

Some songs in the player are clips- they don't have vocals and drum tracks yet nor have they been mastered. Also, the song names as well as album name are working titles at the moment and may be changed. As implied from this, the album has yet to be finished.

Patrick Squires:
Guitar, Drums, Synth, Noise, production, mixing and audio manipulation.

Lance Binkley:
Synth, Noise, Vocals, Lyrics, Production and dumb ass ideas.